Friday, July 25, 2008

It Ain't Easy being Green

Greenwash : the ignoble art of misleading consumers about a product's true green worth.

CNN's article on Greenwashing is a bit alarming, considering that it's now "more prevalent when public interest in environmental issues is greater, and that there's been a gradual increase in claims over time".

As hard as one might think to be an eco warrior or a green girl/boy, it's hard to determine what's truly eco-friendly as companies now resort to (at their worst) outright lying so that their products may be perceived as "eco-friendly".

Watch out for the Six Sins Of Greenwashing, your products may be doing this! I was definitely a victim when it came to this but thank goodness there are people on the watch! Let's do our share and read labels carefully, check out what's in them and if possible, confirm how truly eco-friendly they are.

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